10 Sweetest Things To Do With Your Love on Valentines Day

10 Sweetest Things To Do With Your Love on Valentines Day

1. Do a snowball fighting and ice skating

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Going out with your boyfriend / girl-friend for a snowball fighting or ice-skating could turn out to be very romantic
and cosy. So why not fancy your chances, and give it a go, your boyfriend is surely gonna love it.

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2. Dressing could make a difference

Worried about what to wear on the valentines day. Get attired in a pink or red dress with a size-zero
jean and feel the difference. Dress could well seal your fate.

3. Give him / her a perfect gift

In the world of romance,the gift has its own bloody significance. So never take it lightly. Guys always
fall for beer, a hell lot of it. You may place an incessant order for beer at Amazing.com. Or buying him
a ticket for his favourite game is by no means anything smaller. Give it a go. He’ll surely enjoy every
moment of it.

4. Do a dinner at your place

Most couples love hitting the restaurants on the eve of Valentines day, but changing things up a little
won’t be a bad idea at all actually. Why not cook him a delicious dinner at home and do it
together,away from all the hustle and bustle of unwanted strangers. It seems rather romantic to
watch your boy moving around in the kitchen helping you and stuff.

5. Allocate a nice little budget

Why not set aside some budget for this special occasion. Buying things like massage oil or a lotion
could really prove out to be the game changer. Spending some fair share of money on renting a hotel
room would spice up things even more. Sounds familiar 😉

6. Cheer it up

Try to be appreciative for whatever he gives, even if its a teddy bear or something. After all teddy
bears epitomize the love perfectly. Nothing is more adorable than getting creative and writing a card
for him, even if you have been dating for quite some time now.

7. Make it romantic and cozy

Reflecting on your past days with your head rested on his chest will surely make it even more
romantic. Don a sexy underwear to raise the temperatures even higher.

8. An indoor picnic

Try a wide variety of recipes, set up a clean blanket, a couple of pillows and have fun. 😉

9. Cocktails?? why the hell not 😉

Don’t get drunk as fuck but throwing cocktails down the throat after a romantic dinner fits in perfectly

10. Have a late night swim

Nothing is more sexier than a late night swim with your man. So get into the water and show some
delicate parts of your body to your soul mate.

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