Barack Obama

Barack Obama (1961-)

Barack Obama

President of United States, Lawyer and Politician

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (famous with the name of Barack Obama) was born on 04 August, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.He has been a student of Law at Harward law School. He had been a teacher of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.Obama defeated John McCain in general election of 2009 and became 44th US president. He then re-elected after defeating Mitt Romney in 2012.



Obama’s back ground and early life

obama parents

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on 04 August, 1961.Obama’s Father Barack Obama Sr. was born in Nyanza Province, Kenya. Barack’s mother name was Ann Dunham. Obama’s father earned a scholarship in Hawaii college and where he married his fellow student Ann Dunham on February 2, 1961.Their marriage could not last long and they were separated and finally divorced in March, 1964. Both remarried, Ann Dunham married Lolo Seotoro in 1965.Obama’s Father died in a car accident in Kenya when he was 21 years old.

Obama Profile
Obama,s step father Lolo Seotoro was belonged to Indonesia. Lolo Seotoro came America for study and after completing his studies he returned to Indosnesia in 1966, and after few months the rest of family joined him in Indonesia.Barack Obama got some early education in Indonesia and then returned back to Honolulu in 1971, Where he started living with his maternal grandparents.

Barack’s Education and Career

File photo of US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama posing with his grandparents in a family snapshot
Obama attended Punahou School and from here he earned his graduation in 1979.Obama became very conscious of racism when he was a student and he worked very hard to reconcile social perception of his multicultural heritage. After High school Obama attended Occidental College where he made his first public speech. Obama visited Indonesia in 1981, to see his mother and half sister and also traveled to Pakistan and India to meet the families of his college friends.He completed his graduation from Columbia College, New York.
Barack Obama visited Kenya where he visited the graves of his father and Grandfather.In 1988 Obama returned from Kenya and joined Harward Law School. He was elected as the president of the journal of “Harward Law Review”, the first black president, which earned him a big media attention. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991, and returned to Chicago, where he started practice as a civil rights lawyer.He also taught as a professor at University of Chicago Law School(1992-2004).

Obama’s Senator-ship

In 1996, Obama was elected as a State Senator of Illinois State. He worked for the legislation and the reformation of the Health care laws and ethics laws. He also worked for the welfare of low income workers and for childcare.In 1998, he was re-elected as a State Senator of Illinois State.


Obama announced his candidacy for the US Senator in 2003. He was an opponent of George.W Bush, on the issue of Iraq war. Obama also addressed to anti-Iraq war rallies in Chicago.The unexpected victory of Obama in primary election made him a hero of National Democratic Party.He sworn in as a US Senator on January 03, 2005 and resigned from his Senatorship on November 16, 2008, due to work on his Presidency campaign.

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Obama as the President of the United States

Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the President of United States on February 10, 2007. Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in the early contest of presidential campaign.Obama became the 44th President of United States by defeating John McCain with 365 electoral votes to 173. He became the first African-American president of the United States of America.
Obama’s campaign for re-election was started on April 04, 2012, when for the start of campaign he posted a video whose title was ” It Begins with Us” on his website. On November 6, 2012, Obama won the presidential election for the second time by securing 332 votes with 51.1% of the popular vote.

Barack Obama’s Married Life

obama family
Obama first met Michelle Robinson when he was working in Chicago Law Firm in June 1989, where She was assigned as Obama’s adviser. Obama married Michelle Robinson on October 3, 1992. On July 4, 1998, their first daughter Malia Ann was born.On June 10, 2001, their second daughter Natasha (Sasha) was brorn.

obama daughters

Obama’s Religious belief

Obama religious belief
Obama is a christian by his religious belief. His belief was evolved when he was adult. He wrote in the “Audacity of Hope” that he “was not raised in a religious household.” He also described his parents as non-religious, and specially his father he described him an “Atheist”.In January 2008, Obama recorded his views in Christianity Today: “I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian”.Obama was also a member of the Trinity Church. He resigned from the Trinity due to his presidential campaign in 2008.


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