Bill Gates

Bill Gate:

Bill gates born in rich family, his father was a rich entrepreneur. His father name was WILLIAM HENERY GATES. Bill gate born in Seattle Washington. His mother Marry Gate was a school teacher and also chairwoman of United Way Internationals. Bill gate entered in lakeside school in 1967.He had great interest in computer and software field. He started programming in his early age . He began programming with Paul Allen in the computer center in 1968. In 1973 he got admission in Harvard University. Paul Allen and Bill gate start a small company “TRAF-O-DATA” in their teen age.

Bill Gate and Microsoft :

Bill Gate left Harvard University because of his mission to form Microsoft with his companion Paul Allen. They lay down the foundation of Microsoft in 1975.Bill Gate bet Paul Allen that one day software will change the color of this world. And he won that bet. They both work hard to build something new for this world and at the end they became able to put the things in a right way. Their company Microsoft becomes popular because of their operating systems and business deals. Before windows it was MS-DOS operating system. Bill Gate proceeding with MS-DOS and change the fate of the World. In November 1983 Microsoft Announced the Microsoft Windows, which is the most powerful and enrich with color operating system also called next-generation operating system. That operating system change the world’s fate and make it so colorful which was just an imagination for the world and that makes the BILL GATE too rich as well. Microsoft launched the first version of windows operating system named windows 1.0 in 1985. Next version was launched in 1995 with named window 1995. In 2000 STEVE BALLMER assumed the role do MICROSOFT CEO. Original XBOX was first launched in 2001. The Microsoft emerged the technology and gives the new turn to technology and makes it so easier to use the computer for a common man. Now windows used in everywhere in the world in every home in every street in every place. Thanks to Microsoft for converting the dreams into reality. In 2014 BILL GATE step down as chairman of Microsoft and began serving as technology advisor.


BILL GATES got married with MELINDA FRENCH GATE in January 1994. They both have three children, two daughters Jennifer Katharine, Phoebe Adele and a son Rory John. He has a small family and lives in Washington now days.


BILLAND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION established in 2000. They announced the Millennium scholarships of $ 1 billion worth for the 20,000 young students who cannot afford the college or university fee. In 2002 the BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION had installed 47,000 computers in 11,000 libraries in fifty states of America.

In 2010 Bill and Melinda challenged global health community as it is the decade of vaccines. He developed and delivered the vaccines of worth $10 billion to the world poorest countries.

In 2013 BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION launches a help plan of worth $ 5.5 billion to eradicate the polio till 2018.


In 2005 BILL AND MELINDA GATES take initiative as PHILANTHROPIST. BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION takes one more forward step to open the door of science that benefits poor. BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION gave more than $28 billion to support philanthropic.





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