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Bradley Cooper (1975–)

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Famous Actor & producer

Bradley Cooper (Full name Bradley Charles Cooper), was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 5, 1975. He got fame in the beginning a television shows Alias and Jack & Bobby. but later got his breakthrough from the Wedding Crashers and The Hangover Trilogy. As an Actor Cooper has been nominated for Oscar for three consecutive years from 2012 to 2014.He has also received the Oscar nomination in the 87th Academy Awards for his movie American Sniper (2014).

Early life and Education of Bradley Charles Cooper

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Bradley Charles Cooper was born on January 5, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. His father Charles Cooper was Stockborker. His mother name is Gloria Cooper. Cooper attended Germantown Academy and then in 1997 graduated from Georgetown University in English.young bradley cooper

Later he studied acting at The New School in New York City and did his Master of Fine Arts (MFA). During his study at The New School he also did a part time as a doorman in a hotel.Cooper abandoned Alcohol at the age of 29.

Career highlights and Oscar Nominations of Bradley Cooperamerican sniper 1
Cooper got his debut on television as a guest appearance in Sex and the City show in 1999. Cooper’s debut film was Wet Hot American Summer.His most successful work was his Spy-action drama Alias, which provided him a breakthrough. He later worked in a TV movie The Last Cowboy (2003) a sitcom Kitchen Confidential (2005), Three Days of Rain (2006). Cooper has also worked in theater in 2008 when he appeared in a play The Understudy.

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His best known work is his role as Phil Wenneck in his movie The Hangover in 2009 which received world wide recognition and a big commercial hit and later its sequel The Hangover Part II in 2011. Cooper nominated for the Oscar as a best actor in 2012 for his work in Silver Linings Playbook.bradley awards

In 2013 cooper was also nominated in the best supporting actor category at the Academy Awards for his work in American Hustle.american sniper bradley

Cooper became 10th person to earn three consecutive nomination for acting with his nomination as the best actor for his film American Sniper (2014) at the 87th Academy Awards.bradley cooper at oscar

Married Life of Bradley Cooper

Bradly cooper and his wife jennifer esposito
In 2006, Cooper married Jennifer Esposito, an atress. But ended in divorce in 2007. Cooper made relations with different actress including Renée Zellweger,Olivia Wilde, Suki Waterhouse, american model and actress.

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Physical Stats Bradley Cooper

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Zodiac Sign of Bradley Cooper

Star                               Capricorn
Height                          6 ft 1 inch or 185 cm
Weight                         83 kg or 183 pounds
Favorite Food             Sushi
Eye Color                    Blue
Shoe Size                      14
Hair Color                  Light Brown

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