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Sr.Cristiano Ronaldo Quick FactsDescription
Sr.Cristiano Ronaldo Quick FactsDescription
1.Born5th Feb 1985, Portugal
2.ProfessionFootball player, Fashion Entrepreneur
3.Parent(s)F: Jose Dinis, M: Maria Dolores
5.Current TeamPortugal, Real Madrid
6.Salary32 million EUR in 2016

Whenever someone tell you about the goal scored with the help of tricky moves, suddenly the name of Cristiano Ronaldo came into your mind.  The extra brilliant, proficient, and the winner of 3 consecutive Golden Ball of the year, the one, and only Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Madeira Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for his unbeaten world records in the history of football while playing for homeland Portugal, his first English football club Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the most expensive player when he was signed by Manchester United in 2003 for 12 million pounds. He scored most goals for Manchester united. He was the star performer of FA Cup in 2004 and also scored 3 goals in the final of the championship. In 2009, Real Madrid signed a deal with Manchester united for the transfer of Ronaldo for record 131 million dollars. Here its short biography of Cristiano Ronaldo, in coming days we will elaborate it with details, and will write a complete biography of Cristiano Ronaldo. Now look at his early life and how he has been a successful, soccer player.

Early Life of Cristiano

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Cristiano Ronaldo was the youngest son of Maria Dolores and Jose Denis. His father chooses the name of Ronaldo after his favorite actor Ronaldo Reagan. Ronaldo grew up in very hard conditions. His father was a Gardner and died due to kidney problem in 2005. His mother grew him up and worked as a cook.

How Did Soccer came in the Life of Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo preferred football more than anything in his early life. During the job of Ronaldo’s father as an equipment manager in a boy’s club, Ronaldo first started playing football there. According to some reports, He often miss his meal and escape his sleeping hours while playing football.

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At the age of 16 Ronaldo signed a deal with Sporting Portugal and contested against Manchester united at the same age. Due to his talent and skills the players of Manchester united were impressive by the performance of the young man. Due to that performance against Manchester united, the English club paid 12 million pounds for signing this young man.

Successful Era in Manchester United

Ronaldo didn’t disappoint his team manager and proved his selection for Manchester United. In the first event for Manchester United, Ronaldo scored 3 goals in the final of FA Cup and leads his club toward championship winner. In 2008, Ronaldo was the top scorer for his club. During his 5 year contract with Manchester united, Ronaldo helped his club to win 3 Premier league title.

New Deal with Real Madrid

In 2009, Spanish club real Madrid was interested in signing a deal with Ronaldo. The Spanish club paid record 131 million dollars to Manchester United for buying the services of Ronaldo. Ronaldo was also interested in this deal. After such big deal, no one was surprised because of a statement by Ronaldo about leaving the club before this deal. From 2009 till today, Ronaldo has set a lot of records for his club. Ronaldo also helped his club in winning UEFA Champions league, La Liga, and many other cups. He also won a lot of award during this period like Golden boot, UEFA forward of the year, Balloon d’Or etc.


Career for Portugal

Ronaldo first appeared in National side in 2003 while playing against Kazakhstan. He has played 3 World Cup for his nation. Ronaldo became the captain of the national side in 2008. Ronaldo was the key performer during the 2006 world cup and leads his country toward semifinals of the Cup.  His team was struggling during 2014 world cup and eliminated during group stages of the FIFA WORLDCUP 2014. His performances for Country are not so impressive, but he has still a chance to make his time World champion in upcoming 2018 FIFA WORLDCUP in Qatar.

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Personal Life of Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo has been found with many allegations of being dating with numerous girls, as he also went for jail in case of raping a girl in London hotel and after few days released on bail. Cristiano Ronaldo stated that “I have always strongly condemned the fake allegations on me and I want to just concentrate on my soccer game for Manchester United”.

Cristiano Ronaldo had dated with numbers of models including some famous English models like Gemma Atkinson, Alice Goodwin, and a Russian model Irina Shayk.  He separated with all the other models and keep maintaining his relationship with Russian beauty Irina Shayk since 2010. Both of them maintained a strong and prolong relationship with each others and ended up in January 2015. The reason behind this broken relationship is unidentifiable.


Endorsements and Sponsorships

Here are few sponsorships that he is working for, he also has its own online store shop of CR7 shoes. He is a working model for Emporio Armani Jeans and underwears. He has been signed with number of companies as endorsement including some famous firms like Coca-Cola, Castrol, Samsung, Motorolla and many others.

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