Film of Chairman PTI Imran Khan by Bollywood Producer Rakesh

It is please to announce that a Bollywood Producer Rakesh planned a film on the character and life of PTI Chairman and former legend cricketer Imran Khan.

Rakesh Khan meeting with Imran Khan for Film
Rakesh meeting with Imran Khan for Film

Film on Life of PTI Chairman Imran khan

Few days ago it was misreported that, Bollywood Producer Rakesh Upadhyay met Imran Khan at his residence Bani Gala Islamabad. Earlier, it was a rumor that Producer met with Imran Khan at his residence regarding this film of Imran Khan, and Reham Khan tweeted against this false report as well. Even though this rumor also spread in public that Rakesh is looking for to produce film on life of Reham Khan.
She stated that: “Rakesh is looking forward to conducting a meeting for this film of Chairman PTI Imran Khan to discuss collaboratively, yet time hasn’t confirmed to Rakesh.”
But now this time meeting with the Producer has been confirmed by Reham Khan on Twitter with pictures of Imran Khan and Rakesh.


Main Theme of Chairman PTI Imran Khan Film

The main theme of the movie would be the Imran Khan successful life, and establishing himself a world No 9 leader according to a Global News Survey.
Imran Khan is a charismatic personality in Pakistan and looks amazing the way he speech.
It would also include the way he struggles in his early life of cricket as a bowler, till Winning Cricket World Cup 1992 for his country Pakistan.
This Film of Chairman PTI Imran Khan may cover the early career of Imran Khan politics, which is a bit hard to describe.
Getting through all those hurdles and barriers Imran Khan able to make his strong position with gaining lot of attraction from youth.
He considers the most eye-catching and ideal leader among the youth of Pakistan.
Imran Khan is playing a vital role as strong opposition in Pakistan’s politics; his efforts and hard work for the betterment of Pakistan can never be ignored.
That’s the reason Pakistan is getting a true meaning of democracy and moving on a right track to the strong vision of Imran Khan.
That what all this movie would be based on. If you want to read more and complete life description of Imran khan let read my another post of Biography Of Imran Khan Chairman PTI.




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