Hillary Clinton Bio, Facts, Family, Career

Hillary Clinton Bio, Facts, Family, Career

hillary clinton presidential campaign 2016

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Hillary Clinton served The American nation as a politician and lawyer, and she was the first lady who served America as secretary of state from the year 2009 to the year 2013. Hillary was born on 26th of October in the year 1947 in Chicago, United States. She brought up in a suburb of Chicago, Park Ridge, in a middle-class family. Her father used to print design and sell drapes. Hillary used to help his father for as much as she could. Hillary’s mother, Dorothy, suffered a lot in her childhood which made her strong women struggling for her better future. From her mother’s experience, Hillary learned to fight for her needs and her rights. She got her high school education in a school in Park Ridge where she participated in different sports winning various prizes for baseball and swimming. Moreover, also won an award as Girl Scout and Brownie. Just after getting her high school cleared, in the year 1969 she went to Wellesley College there she got herself involved in social activism. She was elected as the president of the Young Republican’s. After college in the year 1973, she went to Yale law school. While attending Yale law school, Hillary started dating Bill Clinton, one of her class-fellow.

Hillary Clinton with her Family

Career of Hillary Clinton

After the law school, she started working for Children’s Defense Fund, her work lead to the historic legislation that demands the state to provide the quality primary education to the poor disable students. Marian Wright Edelman, the founder and president of Children’s Defense Fund, said that “she was just a caring, young, bright, creative kid who cared about children and those left behind.”She served as an as a lawyer for the congressional committee investigation President Nixon and after that, she went to Arkansas and taught law there.She improved health care access and educational standards as the first lady of Arkansas from the year 1979-1981. Her career started very early in her life when she was hardly in her teenage.


She worked for the betterment of health care system to provide better health facilities to everyone at affordable prices, but she failed in this fight. Even after getting failed she didn’t give up, she worked for the Children’s Health Insurance Program with Democrats. In the year 1995, in a speech U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women, she said that “human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights once and for all.”

Hillary was elected to United States’ Senate in the year 2000. After the 9/11attack of terrorists, she pushed the Bush administration and worked across members of the reserves to provide them better access to health facilities. After Congress’ failure to improve the living style of small towns and rural areas she stepped up and launched a partnership with local colleagues and eBay to provide them with small businesses with training programs in New York.

Hillary ran for president in the year 2008 and then served President Obama as his secretary of state when he asked her. She answered the public as “When President Obama asked me to serve, and I agreed to do so, it was for the very same reason. He asked, and I accepted because we both love our country. That’s how we do it in America”. For tough new sanctions against Iran that made them sit around the negotiable table, she built a coalition which resulted in a ceasefire between Huma’s and Israel that ended a war and served as a proof of Israel’s security. She worked a lot for women’s rights and for providing them with best opportunities. She used to work for internet freedom and human rights, a young generation and LGBT people.

In her career, Hillary Rodham Clinton won 3,747,310 votes in New York United States Senate election held in the year 2000 and won 3,008,428 votes New York United States Senate election held in the year 2006.

Hillary Clinton’s personal life


In the year 1975, Hillary and Bill bought a house in summer in Fayetteville where Hillary married Bill Clinton on 11th of October in their living room. In the year 1980, she and Bill were blessed with a baby daughter who was named Chelsea from where they started their personal family. In the year 2013, Hillary and her daughter Chelsea joined he husband as a member of Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Later, in the year 2014, their life took a new turn when they were blessed with Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky as a grandmother and Bill Clinton as a grandfather.


Interesting facts about Hillary Clinton

Hillary used to work in summers during her college. Hillary acted as both first lady and senator for almost twenty days. Clinton has served the University of Arkansas Law School as a teacher. During Obama’s first term in office, she worked as the 67th secretary of the state. She was awarded in numerous fields also a Grammy award for her best spoken.

Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign

Hillary Clinton presidential campaign 2016 is getting warm up day by day and getting and attracting more an more voters towards her favor. It seems like she will face a very tough contest with the Republican CandidateDonald Trump. It is very interesting to see this Presidential Campaign from both the parties the Republican and the Democratic. Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign is on fire now a days, she is really in a good position to win that contest, best of luck for her election… Here i have some collection of images of Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign.

hillary clinton presidential campaign 2016-Images

hillary clinton presidential campaign 2016-Images

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