Laila Ali Biography, Facts, Family, Career

Laila Ali Biography, Facts, Family, Career

Laila Amaria Ali, daughter of the great boxer late Muhammad Ali, herself is a retired American Boxer. Laila was born on 30th of December of the year 1977. At the age of 16, Laila was a manicurist. She was enrolled in California’s Santa Monica College from where she graduated in the Business Degree. Before starting her career in boxing, she owned a nail salon but then she headed towards boxing and left the salon. Laila also took starred in Television, in the year 2002 she starred in a boxing role by the band Defeat for the music video “Deny”. In the year 2004, Laila starred in the show of George Lopez where she was seeing owning a gym; she has also been seen with Real Husbands of Hollywood. In the year 2002, Laila wrote a book with the co-writer David Ritz which was titled Reach!: Finding Strength, Spirit, and Personal Power which was written to inspire the young people and to motivate them. In this book, Laila confessed that she often felt isolated because of her parent’s fame. Laila told that she had also spent some time in jail and in this book she described the physical abuse and the torture she experienced during her stay in the prison. Critics criticized that Laila’s book was good, but there was no such advice for the youth as she just described her experiences of her life.



Laila was at the eight number of her father’s whole nine children. She was from her father’s third wife; Veronica Porsche Ali Laila met Yahya McClain on her father’s 57th birthday party through her sister then in the year 2000, on 27th of August Lila married Yahya. Yahya became her manager and guided her in her future. After five years of their marriage, Yahya quit managing Laila and both got divorced. After the two years of divorce, Laila married Curtis Conway, a former player of NFL in Los Angeles. They blessed with a baby boy in the year 2008 on 26th of August who was named Curtis Muhammad Conway. Later in the year 2011, the couple was blessed with a little girl on 4th of April. She was named Sydney Jurldine Conway Laila is the stepmother of Curtis’ three children; daughter Leilani who was born in 1999 and twin sons Kelton and Cameron who were born in the year 1995.Even Laila raised as Muslim, but she never followed Islamic faith in her life.


At the age of 18, Laila left her nail salon and started boxing; she inspired from boxing after watching a Christy Martin fight. In her interview with Diane Sawyer in Good Morning America, she firstly publicized her decision of starting boxing and becoming a professional boxer. She told her father Muhammad Ali was not in her favor to enter in this dangerous profession of boxing. Then Laila ensured him that he would be just fighting with women.

On October 8th of the year 1999, Laila wrestled her first match with April Fowler. That event held at Turning Stone Resort & Casino in New York. Although it was Laila’s first match, she was taken so suspicious because she was the daughter of the great legend boxer Muhammad Ali. Her second match was with Shadina Pennybaker; Laila won this game just before 3 seconds of ending the race. That competition held in West Virgina at Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Resort. Laila won eight matches in a row and made the whole crowd go mad for her, many desired to watch her match with Freeda Foreman the daughter of George Foreman or with Jackie Frazier-Lyde, daughter of Joe Frazier. On 8th of June of the year 2001, a game between Laila and Frazier was finally held. Laila won with a majority of Judges in all the eight rounds. After one year of the third match, Laila earned the game in six rounds against Shirvelle Williams on 7th of June of the year 2002.

On 17th August of the year 2002, in Las Vegas, she won the title of IBA. In the year 2003, on 21st of June, Ali fought against Mahfood in Los Angeles. In this re-match, Laila again won and beat Mahfood by TKO in six rounds.In August of the same year, Lila fought a match against Christy Martin and beat Christy by a Knockout in four rounds.On September of the year 2004, Laila Beat Gwendolyn O’Neil and won the title of IWBF Heavyweight. The next year in 2005, on 11th of June, Laila won against Erin Toughill and won the title of WBC (World Boxing Council). Laila was recorded to be the second women who won the title of World Boxing Council.On 7th of June of the year 2006, In her interview at Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, she said that she is planning to have a world tour and was looking forward to a match against Ann Wolfe.


Facts about Laila Ali

  • Laila is the daughter of Veronica Porsche Ali, Muhammad Ali’s third wife.
  • Laila owned a nail salon before starting her career in boxing.
  • Laila was a manicurist when she was sixteen years old.
  • Laila is the step mother of the three children of Curtis Conway.
  • Laila was recorded to be the second women who won the title of World Boxing Council.
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