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At what age Michael Jackson the king of pop, showed his first performance in public by singing "Climb Ever Mountain"

2) Michael Jackon information, biography, family, facts

Which of Michael Jackson's record, remains the world's best-selling records of all time, by selling 50 million copies around the world?


What is the middle name of the King of Pop Michael Jackson?

4) michael-jackson-religon-question

What religious organization did Michael once belong to?




which was the most favorite animated character?

6) michael-jackson-philanthropic-information


What is the name of the Michael Jackson foundation?

7) michael-jackson-moonwalking-shoes-info

Do you think Michael Jackson's shoes looks like defying the gravity?

8) michael-jackson-loving-pets

Which of these animals Michael Jackson did not have as a pet ?

9) michael-jackson-favorites

What is the name of the Michael Jackson sister?

10) michael-jackson biography

What was the favorite Cuisine of Micheal Jackson?

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