Muhammad Ali Bio, Facts, Family, Career

Muhammad Ali Bio, Facts, Family, Career

Muhammad Ali Clay
Muhammad Ali Clay

Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay The legendary professional boxer nicknames as “The Greatest” born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville. His father name was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr. and mother name was Odessa Grady Clay. Ali got his early education in Central High School (1958). He was famous for his rapid and instantaneous footwork and powerful punch. His values distinguishes him of all his contemporaries. Muhammad Ali at a very young age of 22 defeated the Heavy Weight Boxing champion of that time Sonny Liston.  Ali had converted to Islam and changed his name from Cassius Marcellus Clay to Muhammad Ali Clay in 1964. I would put all the related stuff to Muhammad Ali Bio, Facts, Family, Career in this article.

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Early Life and Education of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Clay was bron on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky  as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr and Odessa O’Grady Clay were parents of Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Cassius Marcellus Clay had only a younger brother. When Muhammad Ali was at the age of 12, there was an incident taken place when he met the Louisville police officer and boxing coach Joe E Martin, when Muhammad Ali caught  a thief who was robbing his bicycle. He told that he was going to “whup” the thief. The officer told him he better learn how to box first. For the last four years of Clay’s amateur career he was trained by boxing Cutman Chuck Bodak. Clay’s amateur record was 100 wins with five losses.

Professional Boxing Career

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. made his professional debut on October 29, 1960, with a win.
After winning his first 19 fights, including 15 knockouts, Clay received his first heavyweight title on February 25, 1964, against Sonny Liston (1932-1970) heavyweight champion of that time. In the ring after the fight, Ali roared, “I am the greatest!”
On March 6, 1964, Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad (1897-1975) bestowed on Clay the name of Muhammad Ali.
After embracing Islam Ali refused to serve U.S. Armed Forces on April 28, 1967. He was arrested, and was suspended his boxing license and abrogated his heavyweight title.

Fight of the Century

Ali returned to the ring on October 26, 1970, and knocked out Jerry Quarry (1945-1999) in the third round. On March 8, 1971, Ali got his chance to regain his heavyweight crown against reigning champ Joe Frazier (1944-2011) in what was billed as the “Fight of the Century.” The triumphant Frazier knocked out Ali in the final round.

Memorable Fights and Title regain of Muhammad Ali

Ali revenged of Frazier in a unanimous decision over Frazier in a non-title rematch. The victory gave the 32-year-old Ali a title shot against 25-year-old champion George Foreman (1949-). The October 30, 1974, fight in Kinshasa, Zaire, was bestowed the “Rumble in the Jungle.” Ali, the decided to apply the “rope a rope” tactics and became an underdog, waiting for his opponent to tire. The game plan worked, and Ali knocked out the opponent and regained the title stripped from him seven years prior.

Ali successfully defended his title for long, as well as the haunting “Thrilla in Manila” on October 1, 1975, Ali won the fight against Frazier.

Muhammad Ali the only three time heavyweight champion

Ali lost his title in a fight against Leon Spinks On February 15, 1978, in a 15-round split decision. But seven months later, Ali defeated Spinks in a unanimous 15-round decision to reclaim the heavyweight crown and become the first fighter to win the world heavyweight boxing title three times

Retirement from Professional Boxing

After and haunting fights and marvelous victory against Frazier and Spinks,  Ali’s career graph observed a decline when he was knocked out by Larry Holmes. After losing his heavyweight title to Trevor Berbick, he retired from boxing in 1979. The 39-year-old Ali retired for good with a career record of 56 wins, five losses and 37 knockouts.

Muhammad Ali in his Last days

In 1984 Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome,. The former champion’s motor skills have slowly declined, which effected his  speech but still after he was diagnosed with parkinson’s syndrome Ali worked as a philanthropist.

Personal Life of Muhammad Ali

Ali has been married four times and has seven daughters and two sons. He married his fourth wife, Yolanda, in 1986.

Awards and Achievements of Muhammad Ali Clay

Muhammad Ali had been honored with a number of awards and titles including, ‘The Greatest’, ‘Fighter of the Year’, ‘Sportsman of the Year’, Sportsman of the Century and ‘Sports Personality of the Century’. Muhammad Ali had also received the Presidential Citizens Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he received in in 2005 from President George W. Bush. Muhammad Ali Clay listed in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Muhammad Ali Boxer Death

Muhammad Ali died on 3rd of June in 2016 in Phoenix Arizona United States. His family and entire world is gloom on this big loss. The champion has left the world and his lovers and fans around the world are praying for his soul. That’s what he left is, a name in the history and lot of memories that no body can forget. Love Muhammad Ali a true legendary person in the history of this world and his name will always alive rest of the world.

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