Usain Bolt Biography

Usain Bolt Biography

Usain Bolt Biography

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Who is Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is alive, the fastest running champion. He is the only man who breaks the history by winning 100-meter race on 16th August 2016 as well as in 200-meter race he owned the gold medal on 19th August 2016 in RIO. His success started from winning three gold medals in 2008 Olympics conducted by China. He also won three more gold medals in 2012 (SOG) conducted by UK. He also won the gold medal in 4 * 100-meter relay at 3 consecutive Olympics. Usain Bolt received the total of nine Olympic gold medals in his Olympic career. On his success media rewarded him by a nick name ‘Lightning Bolt’. His best in 100-meter race is 9.58 second, in 200-meter is 19.19 seconds, in 150-meter race 14.35 seconds and in 4×100 races his best time is 36.84. Now he has decided to take retirement in 2017 after playing the major role in World championship. Please continue to read the short biography  and facts about Usain Bolt……….

Early life and Family

Usain Bolt born on 21st August 1986 in Sherwood Content, Jamaica. He made a history by making himself the most successful sprinter. His father runs a grocery shop and he loves to spend his time in co-curricular activities. He firstly showed his shine in a primary school to won 100-meter race on annual day function in a school. After starting high school, he got the coaching of McNeil who observed his talent and shines his capabilities in athletics.

Usain Bolt Affairs

He started his affair with a young Brazilian student Kasi Bennet in RIO. Some rumours were spread across that both want to marry with each other. Some romantic pictures were also captured and that are roaming virally on social media . In this regard Kasi Bennet felt ashamed on it and told that, she don’t want to be famous like this way. The comments of Usain Bolt sister were also in the favour of this couple.

Usain Bolt Championships and Medals

  • In 2001 he clocked best of 48.28 seconds in 400m race played by Carifta and earned a Silver medal. He also yields a silver medal in 200 meter race by achieving goal in 21.81 seconds.
  • In 2002 when he was fifteen years old, in “Wold Junior Championship” he owned the gold medal in two hundred meter race and makes a history to become a youngest “world-junior” champion. Here he got the nick name “Lightening Bolt”.
  • In 2004 Olympics he was selected for the junior Olympic squad, but unfortunately due to injury he was eliminated from the very first round. In different races, during 2005-2006 the injuries were averting him from the success but he always trying his level best and improved him a lot in the race of success. In 2007, he showed unbelievable tact in a race where he broke the 30 year record of Donald Quarrie. This success boost up the Bolt to make his future brighter in this field. In the same session he also earned 2 silver medals.
  • In 2011 Lightning Bolt plays a vital role in World Championship by make himself undefeatable in both 100 and 200 meter race.
  • In 9.63 seconds Bolt earned the Gold medal by defeating Reval Yohan in 2012 summer Olympics. He is the man who sets three gold medals in a single international antagonism.
  • In 2016 after winning both 100m and 200m race in 9.81 and 19.78 seconds he reveals his thought in BBC interview he said “I am the greatest, is anything else which I have to prove?”, I wanted to be the most successful man like Muhammad Ali and Pele. I want to see the sport at nicer level.

Personal life

He personally love the dancing, he got the name lightning bolt due to his unbelievable speed and his name. He revealed if he was not the great sprinter he must be a fast bowler. He is about 6 feet 5 inches tall by owing a wait about 94 kilogram.



A deal signed between Bolt and the company name PUMA in 2002 for the sponsorship. Later in 2010 a company with the name Gatorade Sponsors his Australian event named “Gatorade Bolt” for the sake of best football player selection. In 2012, by getting services of RockLive he launched the game for IOS platform giving it a title “BOLT”. This game rapidly comes on top of the free games list.

Religious Faith

He is devout Catholic, God honouring, believer of The Bible and a Jesus worshipping Christian.

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