Neymar Jr.Biography

Quick Facts About Neymar

Neymar Jr. biography
Neymar Jr.

Who Is Neymar Junior?

Neymar Jr. is a professional soccer player, belongs to Brazil and also the current captain of Brazil International Football team. Currently, he is playing his role for the Spanish club FC Barcelona, also leads the Brazil national team.  He holds the position as a forward player or as  a winger for his team either for National team or for any club. He won numerous awards in his early career including “South American Footballer of the year award” in 2011 at only 19 of his age. He successfully defended his title of “South American Footballer of the year award” in 2012.

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Neymar Jr. got many nominations for different titles from FIFA, and he won “FIFA Pukas Award” as he done the best goal in the year. Neymar got the ability to use his both feet to make his acceleration in the ground. His playing style reassembles with a former Brazilian player Pele. While world’s most famous soccer players including Ronaldo and Messi stated about him, that he would be the world’s best player. His most successful achievement is winning player of the year award consecutively 4 years at only 21 of his age.

Neymar Jr. Lionel Messi
Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi

Early life and Education

Neymar father (Neymar Da Silva Sr.) was also a former footballer who taught his son soccer skills and help Neymar to excel his artistry in football.  Neymar commented about his father that, my father was always by my side since my childhood. Neymar moved to different clubs during his youth age, he joined Santos FC as his first club. It helps his family to improve their life as Neymar was able to earn about 10,000 reais per month at age of 15. He has only one sibling, his sister Rafaella Beckran. He has also his son David Lucca Da Silva.

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Neymar Jr. childhood
Neymar Jr. childhood image

Club Career of Neymar:


Neymar joined Santos as his first club in case of a contract, on 2003.  Later on, he also remained the part of the youth academy, Peixe where he showed his artistry skills and his passion about this game. He went for Spain at the age of 14 and became the part of Real Madrid.

Neymar in Season 2009:

Neymar was remained so successful in his 2009 season, making out his professional debut on March 7, 2009, in that match he was played only for last thirty minutes. He made his first goal of his career against Mogi Mirim while playing for Santos side in the following week. After the month, his professional career Neymar scored the final goal that lead to be the victory with 2-1 for Santos against Palmeiras on April 2009. In this season Neymar scored 14 goals in 48 matches, helped him rank high in public.

Neymar in Season 2010:

Neymar 2010 season was his one of the top season of his whole career. He made 5 goals for Santos against Guarani in qualifying round of the Brazilian cup. Neymar played 19 games and made 14 goals in 2010 Campeonato Paulista, Santos titled as champions after a 5-5 aggregate win in the final match against Santo Andre. Neymar awarded as the best player of that championship. Neymar, consistent performances given him fame around Brazil. His 2010 season was ended up with scoring 42 goals in 60 matches.

Neymar in Season 2011:

Neymar made 6 goals in 2011 Copa Libertadores cup, he awarded man of the match in final as well by scoring a decisive goal. That was the 2nd win of the Copa Libertadores for Santos; first triumph was in 1963 while Pele was playing for Santos at that time. In the semi-final of FIFA World Cup in December 2011, he made an opening goal for his club Santos and won semi-final against Kashiwa Reysol with the 3-1 score. But meanwhile in this cup the Santos was defeated from Barcelona. Neymar won two titles in that year including FIFA PUKAS AWARD and South American Footballer of the Year.

Neymar Jr. club season
Neymar Jr. club seasons

Neymar in Season 2012:

He turned to 20 at age in 2012, and also achieved his 100th goal of his professional career. Neymar also made a hat-trick in this season against Sao Paulo; he awarded the best player of the 2012 Campeonato Paulista scoring 20 goals and Santos won that championship as well. He ended up that season by having numerous titles including Golden Ball, Arthur Friedenreich Award and Armando Nogueira Trophy Award.

Neymar in Season 2013:

In 2013, Neymar stated that he would have a dream to play in Europe for popular clubs there like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea. Neymar became the part of FC Barcelona in June 2013. He had signed for a contract of 5 years with FC Barcelona from 2013 to 2018.

Neymar Jr. in Barcelona
Neymar Jr. contracted with FC Barcelona


Neymar in FIFA World Cup 2014:

On 5 March 2014, Neymar made hat-trick score during a friendly match between Brazil and South Africa. He took part in the FIFA World Cup 2014 and considered as a star of Brazil team. He assisted Brazil team to pass out the group matches scoring numerous goals. In a round of 16 playing against Chile, the match tied 1-1 including extra half of 30 minutes and in penalty shoot, Neymar made a winning kick for Brazil.

He also suffered an injury during the match with Colombia in the quarter final, due to which he moved to hospital and missed out all rest of FIFA World Cup 2014 matches. I will like to put a Short Biography of Neymar only on his successful story.

Neymar Jr. in FIFA World cup 2024
Neymar Jr. in FIFA World cup 2014

Neymar Playing Style and Skills:

Neymar playing skills are similar to the former soccer player of Brazil Pele. He often compared with Ronaldinho as his playmaking skills make him perfect. Neymar said that he has inspired from Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. The most senior former player of Brazil and many best players of the world including Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi said about Naymer, he will becoming the best player of the world in coming 2 or 3 seasons.

Neymar Jr. Key Skills and Style
Neymar Jr. skills and his playing skills , shot while dodging a opponent player

Sponsorship and Wealth of Neymar:

Neymar contracted with many companies including some major companies NIKE, Panasonic and many others. He was named the world 13th richest soccer player in 2012. Neymar collective income was estimated 20 million Euro per year.

Neymar Jr. Sponsors and Wealth
Neymar Jr. Sponsors

Personal Life of Neymar:

In the age of 19 Neymar turned to be a father of baby boy named David Lucca. Even he was not in a relationship with the baby mother Carolina Dantas. He was feared for the birth of David Lucca but later on he felt joy for feeling responsibilities of the David Lucca.

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Neymar Jr. Personal Life
Neymar Jr. Personal Life

Religion, Faith of Neymar:

Neymar is a Christian by born, Neymar quoted about his faith that “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ”.





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