Steve Jobs Biogrpahy


Abdul Fatah Jandali was the father of Steve Job. He was a Syrian Muslim. His father met with the Steve Jobs mother at University of Wisconsin at Madison. STEVE JOBS mother name was Joanne Carole Schieble. She was a SWISS-AMERICAN. Later on he was adopt by

Steve Jobs born in San Francisco, California in 1955. The jobs family moved to Mountain View California from San Francisco. In summer 1968 gets the summer job in HP factory when he was 13 years old.


In 1969 Steve Jobs became friends with Steve Wozniak who was five years older than Steve jobs. They started working together.

They both Wozniak and Steve started illegal work; they build the “blue boxes” and sell them. Blue boxes allow people to make free calls.

Steve started his career as game developer in 1974.It was his first job as well.

Apple Computer Inc. Was established in 1976 and it was incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne.

Apple I was first show off at computing festival in Atlantic City. Apple makes the industry sensational after prototype of Apple II. The Apple becomes very famous Personal computer of the market in US industry. It was the revolution of technology and specially for personal computing.

In 1978 he started work at Apple III. Apple II sales become massive after the spread sheet software VisiCalc is introduced.

In 1989 Steve Jobs was honored by Entrepreneur of the decade by a private Magazine

In 1991 his first son Reed Paul Jobs born.

In 1993 his father Paul Jobs died. His company going also down and down and Steve Jobs called Informal advisor to Apple CEO Gil Amelio.

Rebuilding of Apple Era 1997-2004:

1997 Steve Jobs became the interim CEO of the Apple after Gil Amelio disastrous quarter.

Steve Jobs started hard working to gain the reputation back for Apple Inc. as it was damaged in last few years. He started campaign ‘Think Different’ under his supervision. He took the company high in the next five years.

In 1998 the sales of new Macintosh computers increased and it again become profitable. Steve Jobs introduces a very revolutionary Apple’s iMac which he introduced as a sample 14 years back in Flint center auditorium in Cupertino. Mac G3 also introduced by Steve Jobs at San Francisco in 1999.

In start of 2000 he becomes Apple’s CEO .In 2001 Mac become the most emerging with respect to consumer digital lifestyles.

Steve jobs introduced the World’s fastest computer Mac G5 in 2003.Fall 2003 Steve Jobs become victim of pancreatic cancer, he refuses the medical treatment for months, he tried alternative diets and solutions. In 2004 Steve jobs removed pancreatic tumor through surgery.

2004 was a huge difference maker year in the Apple Inc. history, Steve Jobs introduced iPod mini and iLife Suite. IPod mini MP3 Player becomes the most selling brand in the world’s industry and truly takes Apple too high.

Big Apple 2005 to 2011

Steve jobs take Apple Inc. too high during the 2005 to 2011 era. He gets more customers around the world by making iPod cheapest ever at $49.

In 2005 Steve Jobs decided to use Intel processor in future for Mac as its helps the Mac to become more powerful.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt left Apple’s because of their conflict in android.

Steve Jobs getting weak and weak due to his illness. And he died at his home in October 2011 surrounded by family.







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